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I have been involved in a number of collaborative research projects.  The involvement is sometimes relatively slight, for example,  attending single day brain-storming sessions on diverse topics such as the future shape of Data Protection law,   issues in the use of filtering software to produce a Safer Internet,  the value of the processes initiated by the Internet Governance Forum,  data sharing, and co-regulation approaches to the handling of indecent images of children.

Current funded research includes the forensic aspects of identity systems under FIDIS (www.fidis.net) - Future of Identity in the Information Society - which is a European Commission-funded Network of Excellence under FP6.   I have also contributed to the legal sections which deal, among other things, with international concepts of the law of “identity theft”.  

PRIME (http://www.prime-project.eu.org/)  Privacy and Identity Management for Europe -  was a European Commission Framework 6 Integrated Project on Privacy Enhancing Technologies.  It produced a very interesting prototype within a working environment.   I was Reference Group member charged with reviewing its work.  PRIME has now been succeeded by a new project, PRIMELife.

UK DTI Foresight Project Cyber Trust and Crime Prevention
(http://www.foresight.gov.uk/OurWork/CompletedProjects/CyberTrust/ProjectHome.asp) took place in 2003 and 2004. The Project explored the applications and implications of future generation information and communications technologies (ICTs) in areas such as: identity and authenticity; surveillance; system robustness; security; and information assurance .   As with all Foresight projects, the aim was to give politicians and policymakers a look ahead to plan for future changes in society,

 Together with LSE colleagues I helped provide a  "Best Practice"
consultancy to a syndicate of central government departments and UK clearing banks and to APACS about creating reliable and admissible computer records.  The work eventually lead to BS PD008  and in turn BS 10008: “Evidential weight and legal admissibility of electronic information”   

 In September 2000 a LSE team headed by me was awarded a contract by the UK's Financial Services Authority to provide advice on consumer use of e-commerce facilities in the purchase of financial products such as banking, insurance,  pensions, savings.

In December 2000  colleagues and I were awarded a European
Commission contract to carry out the Intermediate Evaluation of the EU Safer Internet Action Plan (on illegal and harmful content on the Internet).